As an organisation, maintaining absolute integrity in everything we do is central to Solid Promenade's success. We are committed to attaining excellence in professionalism, accountability and transparency in our business practices.

To our customers, we pledge to provide quality products and services; to our shareholders, we deliver satisfactory and sustainable returns; as to our existing and prospective employees, we promise a career with plentiful and equal opportunities for advancement, competitive remuneration packages, and a safe and healthy working environment of good management practices.

In line with our pledges to being a responsible organisation with good corporate governance, we embrace the responsibility to catalyse change and positive impact through a wide range of initiatives that aim to benefit the communities we serve, and to help preserve the environment.

The four principles which form the cornerstones of Solid Promenade Sdn Bhd's initiatives since incorporation are:

1. We will take the most ethical path in all our business undertakings, honouring our commitments to our customers, staff, shareholders, business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders.

2. We take care of our staff, nurture the communities in which we operate, and make a positive contribution wherever we do our business

3. We recognise the importance of aligning our social responsibilities with our long-term business decisions and objectives.

4. We are committed to our staff and our communities in all our undertakings.